The Last Magdalene

Book One of The Magdalene Chronicles   

Release Date: April 9, 2024

After two thousand years, the story told from a male perspective is now voiced by the woman behind the legend - Miriam the Magdalene

Filled with passion and yearning, The Last Magdalene brings to life the people and events that brought about the eradication of goddess worship in Judea, sparked the flames of rebellion, and gave birth to a new religion. This is the story of one woman’s determination to be heard in a land where women of power were scorned and silenced.

Forced into a dynastic marriage with an obscure Rabbi from Galilee, Yeshua bar Yosef, Miriam must abandon the man she loves to fulfill the prophecy that a true king in the line of David will rise and bring about a golden reign of peace. Relinquishing her role as Qedeshah, a highly trained priestess in the arts of love and a surrogate of the Goddess, Miriam joins her husband in his quest for the kingship of a united Judea and Israel.

Faced with the might of Rome and the enmity of the priesthood, Miriam must find the strength and courage to fulfill the fate she was born to embody by claiming her role as The Magdalene, High Priestess of Asherah, the only person ordained to anoint the rightful King.

Grounded in historical and archaeological research, and written with tenderness and insight, The Last Magdalene is an inspiring account of one woman’s journey to reclaim her passion and honor in a land that shunned her.


First Place - Zebulon 

First Place - Rupert Hughes Writing Competition

Finalist - Pacific Northwest Writers Contest 2023