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Smoke – Bonni Goldberg

Once again smoke hung thick in the library’s rafters. Words appeared. At least this time the vapors formed words. The first time it was shapes, and yesterday it was numbers. Both were incomprehensible. Shira knew what the words meant individually. Now all she had to do was make out the larger meaning, their message. Was it an instruction or a warning? Would she have to convince anyone else to join her? How much time would she have? Time. Maybe the numbers were a time. Now that Shira thought more about it, the shapes were similar to road signs: stop, yield, one way. She had thought, map for shapes and a code for the numbers. Because those were confusing to her. She’d focused on what she wasn’t good at instead of what she already knew. That had to be it; to save her brother and the world she had accidentally created, Shira had to use what she already understood. She gazed up again. The words dissipated like a slow motion explosion, transforming into a whisper: don’t be late. She’d never been late in her life. Bonni’s website

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Barking Mad

Thank you for registering on my site. Here’s your free chapter,”Barking Mad,” from House of the Moon: Surviving the Sixties. If you like what you read you’ll love the book. Please purchase an e-copy or trade paperback from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. This chapter will not be available once you close this page unless you […]

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My core values revolve around individual empowerment, a sustaining ideal running through the books I read and write, as well as my varied interests in the arts and sciences. I am an author, journalist, activist and teacher. A proponent of “writing raw,” I emerged from my drug-fueled, teenage years – which included interactions with Jimi […]

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woman - motorcycle - highway

Knights in White Satin

“Where’re we headed?” she asked.“Nowhere and everywhere.” He answered and laughed when she slapped his shoulder.She loved his laugh and slapped him again just to hear it.The steady drizzle painted the road with jagged streaks of red and yellow, green, and white. The last signal turned and she pressed her booted feet against the chrome […]

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