Thank the Furies

It’s a curious statement, let alone the title for a blog. 

My life has taken many twists and turns.  Some consider it a “cautionary tale,” fraught with danger, risks and adventures, some bringing me close to death.  Often, after reading my Memoir, House of the Moon: Surviving the Sixties, people ask, how on Earth did you survive?

My short answer:  The Furies.

An integral part of Greek mythology, The Furies are avenging spirits who wreak havoc in the lives of wrongdoers, punishing victims by driving them mad.  However, I relate to this triad of women as a force that keeps me honest and honorable.  I find the threat of insanity to be a motivating factor in keeping things real and moving forward.

The Furies realized I was a good person at heart, albeit one who could make terrible choices.  And though there were times they inflicted upon me their preferred torture of insanity, I consider myself lucky they left me alive and somewhat sane.  I learned through their “tough love” to value knowledge, strive for wisdom, and above all to be true to myself.

Like the book title by the late Douglas Adams, “Life, The Universe, and Everything,” my interests tend to swing across a plethora of topics.  So if you’re curious about personal empowerment, women in history, the sixties, poetry, psychic phenomena, art history, earth-based spiritually, and other topics, enjoy exploring my blogs and my website, which is as varied as my life. 

Please feel free to comment and share. I am always interested in other’s opinions.  And may the Furies treat you kindly, at least most of the time.