Summer Solstice

– Happy Solstice to All –

June 20, 2020 is the Summer Solstice, known in the Celtic Tradition as “Litha.”  This is the day when the sun reaches its yearly zenith, the longest day of the year.  

Go outside today at solar noon (if you’re on daylight savings time it would be 1 pm).  Stand directly under the sun and look down. See how tiny your shadow appears.  The darkness holds little sway on this day.  

Close your eyes and picture in your mind everything you want to be, everything in your life set to right, balanced, and over-flowing with energy and abundance.  Then let it go and know it will happen. Open your eyes and accept the sun’s healing rays. On this day all things are possible.  

I hope you enjoy this sympathetic Celtic Magic to start your Solstice Cycle.