House of the Moon: Surviving the Sixties

Book Cover - House of the Moon: Surviving the Sixties - Memoir - Sixties - Sex - drugs - rock and roll

From encounters with Jim MorrisonJimi Hendrix and other legends of rock ’n’ roll, to loaded shotguns at home, sexual violence in the streets, and flying high on drugs just to get by—this fast-paced memoir brings to life Donna Conrad’s quest to change the world—only to find herself changed by the times.

House of the Moon: Surviving the Sixties is a haunting and ultimately triumphant memoir about coming of age during the decade that changed the world.

“Raw, enlightening, and genius. Written in vignettes, House of the Moon, is a cohesive novel chronicling a teen’s drug-induced and violent journey into becoming an adult. This book is both disturbing and beautiful for its honesty”

–Terry Persun, Award winning and bestselling novelist, Author of Ten Months in Wonderland

What Readers are saying about

House of the Moon: Surviving the Sixties

“Take a ‘trip’ through a unique world. It’s a wild ride you won’t want to miss!”
–Sharon Baker, Cincinnati, Ohio

“Surprising and terrifying at times. A great story of survival and thriving in the face of adversity.” –Cliff Wolford, Seattle, Wash.

“Authentic and unabashed – Conrad’s life story is a necessary response to the usual saccharine and glamorized accounts of the flower child era.”
–Keith Bauman, Playa del Rey, Calif.

House of the Moon: Surviving the Sixties, is a gritty, intense and provocative look at the underbelly of the 60’s peace and love movement, loaded with enough famous rockers, sex, drugs and rock and roll to make you feel like you are tripping right along with her.” –Cynthia Milford, Raleigh, N. Carolina

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