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The Champion

by Sonja Griffing I stood on the 50-yard line with two rings in my hand. One was plain and ugly. Nicked and worn. Perfectly molded. Cold to touch. The other ornate and brilliant. Sparkling in the sun. Brand new. Burning my skin. They both wouldn’t fit. I weighed them in my palm and made a […]

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by Sonja Griffing “Be nice or leave.” Mother’s word echoed in the kitchen. Father dropped his fork and disappeared. “Be nice or leave.” I mouthed the words as Brother kicked the wall and faded away. “Be nice or leave,” she said to me. So, I went. “Be nice and leave,” I told her. Then, she […]

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Be Nice or Leave

“Be nice or leave,” Lynne yells at me. “I didn’t invite you here so you could attack me for crap we did to each other in junior high.”“Billy wasn’t crap,” I say. “He was the love of my life.”“Junior high,” Lynne repeats. “We were twelve.”Lynne doesn’t know about my condition. I don’t know how to […]

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