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LughnasadhA Time to Celebrate Life SustainedTraditionally Celebrated on July 31Lughnasadh (pronounced Loo-nash-ah) is the first of three Celtic harvest festivals, and honors the decent of the Sun God, Lugh, into the Underworld.Lughnasadh (the binding promise, or duty of Lugh) is celebrated from sunset July 31 through sunset August 1. Beginning on this day the sun’s […]

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Beltane – Love and Life

Beltane – A Celebration of Life and LoveTraditionally Celebrated May 1stThere are only two seasons in the Celtic Tradition: Summer and winter. Beltane is the first day of summer. It is traditionally celebrated from sunset April 30 until sunset May 1. It is also known as May Day.The most well known of the Celtic Quarter […]

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