Donna Conrad - Author - San Francisco

My core values revolve around individual empowerment, a sustaining ideal running through the books I read and write, as well as my varied interests in the arts and sciences. I am an author, journalist, activist and teacher.

A proponent of “writing raw,” I emerged from my drug-fueled, teenage years – which included interactions with Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and other rock ‘n’ roll legends – to embrace my great-grandmother’s teaching of the Celtic Tradition, which values women’s wisdom and their innate connection to all of life. My first published work, House of the Moon: Surviving the Sixties, has received rave reviews and was recently reissued with new content and cover.

My upcoming books include a set of deeply researched works of historical fiction that examine the lives and influences of women who have been systematically discredited and marginalized throughout history. The Last Magdalene is a first-person narrative about the life of Miriam of Bethany, which recounts the tumultuous changes in 1st Century Judea that brought about the eradication of Goddess worship and the birth of a new religion, Christianity.  It will be released in early 2022 by Cold Creek Press.

A past English and Psychology Major at the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, I later studied writing with Alan Ginsberg, Annie Dillard, Natalie Goldberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and Jack Whyte.

House of the Moon: Surviving the Sixties is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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