Burning Man & First Harvests

Lughnasadh [loo nah sah] is the first of three Celtic harvest celebrations. And that means what, to us modern urban dwellers?  It means this is the time for reaping the rewards of hard work on new projects. 

The ancient agrarian societies knew that celebrating the first crops of the season is vitality important, but no more important than making sure the full harvest is also protected and fully reaped in order to make it through the long winter.

It’s no time to rest on our laurels.  The Lughnasadh ritual involves burning away any doubts, fears, hesitations, and conflict with others – burning away any negativity that may harm future harvest that will be bigger and more sustaining than this first crop. This is no time to doubt ones abilities or to foster conflict in any form.

I’m writing this blog from the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association’s Conference, in Seattle, WA.  The pre-launch copies of my book, House of the Moon: Surviving the Sixties, arrived in time for the autograph gala on Friday night—I’m taking this Quarter Day very seriously! I’m sure you’re picking up the allegory here to creative projects like my book—not just green, growing things.

Wishing you abundance, peace, love and harmony.

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