Flash Fiction Friday

It is purported that Hemingway wrote the first flash fiction: "For sale: baby shoes, never worn."

Flash Fiction is its own genre.There are no rules, except that the story needs a beginning, an end, and most importantly a developmental arc. Some folks say it needs to be under 750 words. 

I write novels. The Last Magdalene is nearly 120 thousand words. So when I learned about a flash fiction group sponsored by Dr. Katherine Schmidt at Western Oregon University, I was there in a Hemingway minute.

On Fridays, a group of serious writers gather for one hour. Whomever hosts gets to provide a writing prompt. Then we write for twenty minutes non-stop. During the week we edit, trash and start again, or sit back and leave what we did intact ala Kerouac. The next meeting we read our stories, without audience critique.  It has proved to be one of the most wonderful writing experiences of my life (and I've had the honor of studying with the likes of Alan Ginsberg and Natalie Goldberg!).

So here goes with my version of virtual Flash Fiction Friday. I'll post a prompt and you take it and go! I'll then post your stories for everyone to savor. Only rule is that your offering needs to be less than 750 words. Make it as tame or wild as you like. Ready?  This week's prompt is: "Something needs to be set on fire." Write!

Here's a link to one piece I completed last round, Separation Anxiety.  Enjoy


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